Midi Devices

SuperBoucle can be controlled with external midi device like generic midi keyboard, midi drum, Akai APC series, Novation LaunchPad, Behringer BCF, … In order to configure a new controller, you have to select ‘Add device…’ entry in Device menu. Another solution is to import a .sbm (SuperBoucle Mapping) file contanning device configuration. Feel free to send me new device configuration, I will include it in next release.

 What can be controlled by external midi device ?

You can :

  • Start or stop clip/sample.
  • Trigger Scenes
  • Start, pause jack transport
  • Jump to beggining of song or at specified position
  • Adjust master volume
  • Adjust volume of each clip/sample
  • Select clip to record and start record

MIDI Device Configuration Window


Device Name

Set the device name. Use a name of your choice. This is only for display purpose.

Start/Stop configuration

In ‘Start / Stop buttons’ part click ‘Learn first line’ button and press each button of the first line on external midi device from left to right. For all remaining rows press ‘Add next line’ button and press each button on external device. Finally, press ‘stop’ button (optional).

First midi event receive for a particular channel and pitch will be associated to the clip/sample. For example, if your device send Note On when key is pressed and a Note Off when key is release. Then Note On will be use to start or stop clip any other message will be ignored. Velocity is also used : if device send Note On with velocity 127 when pressed and Note On with velocity 0 when released. Then only Note On with velocity 127 will be used to star tor stop clip. Same rules apply to other function like ‘clip volume per line’. So it should work on most device except those that are sensible to velocity : device which set velocity according to real user velocity.

 Master volume configuration

If you have knobs or sliders on your midi device, you can associated one of them to master volume. In ‘Master volume’ part, click on ‘Master volume controller’ and move controller on midi device. You should see a description of the new controller (channel and controller id).

 Transport configuration

If you have available buttons, you can associated them to transport actions. In ‘Transport’ part, click one transport button and press desired button on midi device. You should see a description of the new button. Record button can also be associated with midi button is this section.

 Clip/Loop volume configuration

If you have more than one knobs or sliders you can configure them to adjust volume of samples. On most midi device there is more buttons than controllers. So you cannot just associate one controller to one sample, there is not enough controller on midi device. In most case, you will have one controller controller per column. So SuperBoucle need to knwon which line you want to change. You have to configure one button per row and one controller per column. If on ‘start/stop configuration’ you have configured 8×4 buttons (four lines of eigth buttons), you need 8 controller and 4 buttons. When you press first button, controller are associated to volume of fisrt row’s clips.

First click on ‘Learn controllers’ button and move each controller (in correct order) and press ‘Stop’. Then, press ‘Learn line buttons’ and press button corresponding to line 1 on midi device, then button for line 2, … and press ‘stop’.



SuperBoucle will send information to external midi midi to indication clip/sample status :

Clip state Color
no clip black / no light
clip will start blink green
clip is playing green
clip will stop blink red
clip is stopped red
clip will record blink amber
clip is recording amber

In order to light button on external midi device, SuperBoucle will send Note On midi message corresponding to channel and pitch of buttons in ‘start/stop’ part. Velocity of those messages is used to set color. In this part you will configure velocity value to correct color. When you press ‘Test’ button, SuperBoucle will light up all buttons currently configured.

Adjust each color value to get corresponding color. For example, for green color, change value until external midi device show a nice green color.

Color example (Launchpad S only):

12 black / no light
60 green
65 blink green
15 red
11 blink red
63 amber
59 blink amber

More informations about the Launchpad S can be found here: https://d19ulaff0trnck.cloudfront.net/sites/default/files/novation/downloads/4080/launchpad-programmers-reference.pdf

Init command

If you have a reset command or a particular midi command to send to your midi device, you can put those commands here. One command per line in decimal value separated by comma.

For example, for LaunchPad S this will reset all buttons (176,0,0) and switch to hardware blinking mode (176,0,40):

176, 0, 0
176, 0, 40


Like the Clip/Loop volume configuration, but for the scenes. Just map the midi buttons you like to use for each scene of the song.

 Velocity sensitive MIDI device

For those type of device, don’t press button/pad with maximum velocity. In order to detect velocity sensitive device, superboucle need to receive MIDI message with velocity different than 0 or 127.