Live Mixing

Full Live Setup

Here SuperBoucle in action in a quite complex (but powerful!) live setup:


Simple Live Setup

Using dedicated output ports it is possible to do some mixing after SuperBoucle. Here in use with Carla, LV2 plugins, a2jmidid (a2jmidid -e) to bridge Alsa Midi to Jack Midi and 2 Midi Controllers (Launchpad S and Launch Control XL):


  • In this setup SuperBoucle ist controlled by the Launchpad S midi IN and OUT and has 8 dedicated stereo outputs.
  • Every dedicated output of SuperBoucle is routed to an instance of LiveMixer, a simple Stereo Mixer Strip with Volume and 2 Sends (post fader).¬† These are midi controlled by the Launch Control XL (Volume, Send A, Send B).
  • All Fader Through Ports are routed to the MASTER¬† and all Sends respectively to SEND1 and SEND2 (StereoKnot Plugins renamed as MASTER, SEND1 and SEND2).
  • SEND1 is routed to Calf Reverb and SEND2 to Calf Vintage Delay. Then all in MASTER which is routed to Playback.